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“Pre-Inspection Agreement Contract" – This Agreement
Contract defines the Limits of Liability of inspection.

“Additional photo insertion" – We increased the photo selection
for each area that will allow additional and larger photos to be
inserted. We also included new additional photo page that will
upload up to 200 photos at once, quick and easy..

"A Report Summary page" – This feature has been increased
with the Premium Edition and will quickly and  easily transfer
your comments of concern to the Report Summary Page for
quick and easy reference for your clients.

“Full feature control of commentary library" – This improved
special feature gives you more control. Hundreds and upon
hundreds of comments can be added or removed, quickly and
easily. Customize your commentary library the way you like it
for quick and easy selection.
We have also designed custom toolbar controls for easy fast access to our special features
home inspection software
Here we have our Newest release from HomInspect “Premium Edition”
This premium edition is packed full with so many great New and
Updated Features and lots of Extras. Our Premium Edition also uses a
newer design layout that will help you to generate and complete your
report even faster. The Premium package is great for
New Home
just starting off or even Veteran Home Inspectors.
User friendly home inspection software
"Inspection Log sheet" – This sheet will store previous client information (name, date
of inspection, address, fees, miles traveled and more), just like a data base, giving you
quick and easy access with a search and find programming to search records, and is
also great for keeping records for year end taxes. With a quick name search you can
find any of your saved report information.
With our HomInspect Premium Edition Package you will receive our newest updated
released Premium Edition reporting software that is ready to go.

We have also included an Inspection Agreement, Mold Waiver, Radon Waiver, 4 Point
inspection report,Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist report and Guide and more.

You will also receive Free customer service and any newly updated or released home
inspection software from HomInspect for 4 years from date of purchase. If you have
any questions or special needs just let us know as we are here to help.
"Heating & Cooling Systems" – Has been increased to accommodate 4 heating and 4 cooling units.
"Appliance's" – This page has also been increased to accommodate multiple appliances for all
possible scenarios.
"Water Heating Systems" – Has been increased to accommodate 4 different systems.
There are many more upgrades that have been included with our HomInspect Premium Edition
Premium Edition can produce reports for multiple units
(Duplex, Triplex, Four-plex and Commercial buildings).
"Insert Multiple Comments" We have added this great new feature that will allow you to
insert mutable comments into a selected area all at once, with your choice of two different
format quick and easy. Sample below